Unlocking the potential of S.E.L.F. in every child



At SELF 4 Kids Learning Center for School Agers, our Skills program is designed to empower children with various essential life skills. Through this interactive afterschool curriculum , we provide a hands-on learning environment where children can cultivate valuable competencies that will serve them well. Our program is distinguished by its personalized approach to address our student's demands and interests. We believe in nurturing a holistic skillset, self-enhancing, and personal growth that prepare our students for a bright and prosperous future.



The Endurance subject at SELF 4 Kids helps children develop resilience, perseverance, and mental fortitude. Children learn to overcome obstacles and thrive in challenging situations through engaging after school activities and targeted exercises. This afterschool curriculum incorporates the following key features:



The Leadership subject at SELF 4 Kids develops children's leadership potential and instills essential qualities for effective leadership. Through immersive experiences and collaborative projects, children develop valuable leadership skills. The Leadership subject incorporates the following significant features:



The Flexibility subject at SELF 4 Kids focuses on cultivating adaptability and open-mindedness in children. Through various stimulating preschool activities, children learn to embrace change, think creatively, and navigate uncertain situations. The Flexibility subject encompasses the following important features: