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Something about Winter Camps

Immerse your child in a transformative winter experience at our Winter Camp! With a focus on unlocking their potential through essential life skills, our camp offers a wide range of activities to foster growth and create lasting memories. From sports and arts to team-building games and creative projects, children explore diverse interests, develop new skills, and forge lifelong friendships. 

Our Winter Camp prioritizes social development, encouraging communication, collaboration, and empathy. Children feel safe, supported, and inspired to learn and grow within a supportive and inclusive environment. Join us for an unforgettable winter adventure where your child can thrive, connect with others, and discover their potential.


Winter Camp

Immerse your child in a winter of endless fun and learning at our Day Camp! Designed to unlock their potential through essential life skills, our camp offers a range of exciting features:

Our Winter Camp stands out with its diverse range of activities that cater to various interests and passions. Whether your child is into sports, arts, team-building, or creative projects, they’ll find something that sparks their curiosity. This wide array of activities keeps children engaged and excited throughout the camp. It allows them to explore and develop new skills. From honing their artistic talents to participating in thrilling sports challenges, each day is filled with opportunities for growth and discovery.

lifelong friendships.

At our Winter Camp, we understand the importance of social development in a child’s growth. We prioritize fostering essential life skills such as communication, collaboration, and empathy. Through team-building games, group activities, and collaborative projects, children learn to work together, respect each other’s ideas, and understand the value of teamwork. Creating a supportive and inclusive environment ensures that every child feels safe and inspired to express themselves, make friends, and develop meaningful connections with others.

Our Winter Camp is designed to be a transformative experience for every child who attends. Beyond an entertaining winter break, we aim to unlock each child’s potential by providing valuable life skills and memorable experiences. The camp becomes a platform for personal growth, where children discover new strengths, build self-confidence, and overcome challenges. The memories created, and the friendships forged during this winter adventure will leave a lasting impact, empowering children to carry their newfound skills and confidence into other aspects of their lives.

Join us at our Winter Camp and give your child the gift of a fulfilling and enriching winter experience where they can thrive, connect with others, and unlock their true potential.

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Our Camps Schedule

  • January 2nd -5th – Winter Camp
  • April 1st- 5th – Spring Camp
  • June 10th- August 9th – Summer Camp

Days We Are Closed for the 2023-2024 School Year

  • September 4th – Labor Day
  • November 10th – Veterans Day
  • November 23rd & 24th – Thanksgiving Break
  • December 25th-29th – Christmas Break
  • January 15th – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • February 19th – Presidents Day
  • May 27th – Memorial Day
  • July 4th-5th – Independence Day
  • August 12th-16th – Summer Break

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